For campers 6 years and older with any level of Russian language proficiency
Spots are limited!
Welcome to Russian Immersion Overnight Camp!

Our mission is to learn and maintain Russian language skills and culture while having a fun-filled summer camp experience.

Sarah Lewin
parent of our camper
Я спросила у Тристана: «Ну, как тебе в лагере, понравилось?» И он мне ответил: «Ты себе даже подумать не сможешь, как мне тут понравилось». Такое я услышала от сына первый раз. Спасибо огромное организаторам этой незабываемой недели. Для детей это подарок и воспоминания, а также дружба на всю жизнь.
Elena Kogan, parent of our camper
Alina Rudenko
parent of our camper
Большое спасибо всем вожатым за вашу доброту, терпение и заботу о наших детях! Всю смену вы были не только вожатыми, но и мамами-папами, психологами, докторами, актерами и режисерами! Ваши таланты и энергия сделали эту неделю незабываемой!
Lev Frayman
parent of our camper
Большое спасибо! Илана в восторге, уже планирует притащить подружку с собой в лагерь в следующем году. Большего комплимента мне не сделать для всех вас
We are a team of enthusiastic parents, native Russian speakers and Russian language educators with the RECM / Russian Educational Center of Minnesota. We are passionate about teaching our kids Russian and preserving the Russian heritage.

Our main goal is to immerse children in Russian-language environment filled with fun summer camp experiences.

Does your child need to know Russian to attend the camp? Absolutely not! We bring Russian language to life for anyone 6 years and older with any level of Russian knowledge.

It all started 5 years ago with a family-style day camp in the summer, where we learned Russian through playing games, went to museums, visited pools, playgrounds, cooked traditional Russian food together, organized debates, staged theater productions, played trivia and did it all in Russian. From year to year the same kids kept coming, new ones joined, and our Russian family grew. Kids kept asking for sleepovers with their Russian friends. One day kids suggested we could do a sleep-away camp to really enjoy friendships and adventures, fully immersed in the Russian language. This is how our overnight Russian Immersion Camp was born.

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